Class 2 – Faith – Allah

Class 2

‘Faith – Allah’


Who is Allaah?

Allaah is Ar-Rabb (The One Who Creates, Runs the Affairs, and Possesses Everything)

I testify there is no true God worthy of being worshipped except Allaah,

And I testify that Muhammad is Allaah’s true Slave and Messenger.

Allaah is my Rabb

Allaah is the Rabb of everything we see around and that which we do not see, like Angels and other creatures, the Jinns.

Allaah created the Angels from light, and Allaah created the Jinns from fire.

All the Angels worship Allaah, and don’t disobey him in anything.

From the Jinns, however, are those who believe in Allaah and are Muslims, but from them there are those that don’t worship Allaah, don’t believe in Him, disobey Him, do evil things, and call people to evil. Their leader is Shaytan (Satan).

Allaah created me, and Allaah created you, and all these things which we mentioned.

Allaah gave us many things, and gave all people everything they need. Allaah provided for us. Allaah gave us life, and He can take it away. Allaah gave us sight. Allaah gave us the air we breathe. Allaah made me alive, and also made all people alive. He is the one who gave them life, and Allaah can make me die. He can take my life, and He can take the life of all people.

All what we have talked about is Ruboobiyyah (Lordship).

Lordship is that Allaah is the only true Lord: He is the Creator. He takes care of everything, and everything belongs to him. This is the meaning of Tawheed which is called Tawheed of Lordship.

So if what is Tawheed of Lordship? Answer: Allaah is my Rabb, and the Rabb of everything. He created everything. He takes care of everything and He possesses everything.

Allaah is the Creator (Al-Khaliq). He created everything. He created the heavens, and the earth. Allaah created the sky that you see above you. He created seven skies above us, one above the other. He also created seven earths. We don’t see now from the skies, except one, the rest are above. We don’t see from the earths, except the one we are on.

Allaah created the night, during which we sleep. He created the daylight. He created the sun, the moon, and the stars, so many of them, and so beautiful. Allaah created the mountains, the seas, the oceans, the animals, and the trees.

Who created the apples? Who created the oranges? Who created the bananas?

Who created the flowers? “Allaah is the Creator of all things.”

When you see the sun, think who created it. It gives us heat. Many things on earth need heat.

We all need its heat. We need its light.

Think when you see the moon when it is full. How beautiful it is. It has a course to take, and the sun has a course to take.

Wonder about the huge mountains you see, wonder about the waves of the oceans, the clouds, the rain, the waterfalls, the flowers, the gardens, the desert, the sea, the moon, and the sun. Allaah is the Creator of them all. He creates, and He provides. So Allaah is Al-Khaliq (the Creator), and Ar- Razzaaq (the One who Provides). He gave us the rain, which comes from above. He gave us the food, and what we drink. He gave us the hearing, and the sight. He gave us the air we breathe, and He gave us money and wealth.

So we thank Him for all of that, and we love Him for all of that. We love Him, because He created us and gave us many things. We love Him, because He made us Muslims.

We love Allaah, and we do what He tells us to do, and we keep away from that which He told us to keep away from. We call upon Him alone. This is the meaning of worship. This is called Tawheed al-Uloohiyaah.

We love Him because He is Allaah, and because He is the Most Merciful, and the Most Just. We love Him because He has the Most Beautiful Names. He is the All-Seer, He sees everything. He is the All-Hearer, He hears everything. He is above everything, on His Throne, above the skies. He knows everything. He has the Most beautiful Face, but none is like Him, the Most High. This is Tawheed of the Names and Attributes.

We call to Him. We say “Oh Allaah” and we do not call to anyone else, or anything else other than Him.

We make Sujood (prostration) in Salah (prayer) when we put our forehead and the nose on the ground. This is called Sujood (prostration). We make Sujood (prostration) only to Allaah.

We obey Allaah, and we must not disobey Him, because Allaah loves that we obey Him, and He does not like for us to disobey Him. He rewards when we obey Him. He may punish when we disobey Him or He may forgive us if we ask His forgiveness. He loves to forgive.

The best way to know Allah is by His names and He has 99 Beautiful names.

Hadith – Sahih Muslim and Bukhari 8:419, Narrated Abu Huraira : “Allah has ninety-nine Names, i.e., one hundred minus one, and whoever ‘ahsaha’ [enumerates them, believes in them, ponders their meanings, worships Allah by them and supplicates with them, and acts by them according to one’s belief in them] will enter Paradise.”

Allah He who has the Godhood which is the power to create the entities.

  1. الله Allaah
  2. الأحَد Al-Ahad – The Unique
  3. الأعْلَىAl-A’laa – The Most High
  4. الأكْرَمAl-Akram – The Most Generous
  5. الإلهAl-Ilaah – The One Who Alone Deserves to be Worshipped
  6. الأوَّلAl-Awwal – The First
  7. الآخِرAl-Aakhir – The Last
  8. الظاهِرAz-Zaahir – The Uppermost One
  9. البَاطِنAl-Baatin – The Innermost One
  10. البارِئAl-Baari – The Originator
  11. البَرّAl-Barr – The Most Benign and Kind
  12. البَصِيرAl-Baseer – The All Seeing
  13. التَّوَّابAt-Tawwaab – The One Who Guides His Servants to Repent and Accepts Their Repentance
  14. الجَبَّارAl-Jabbaar – The Exalted and All Mighty Compeller
  15. الحافِظAl-Haafiz – The Protector
  16. الحَسِيبAl-Haseeb – The Reckoner Who Suffices
  17. الحَفِيظAl-Hafeez – The Guardian
  18. الحَفِيُّAl-Hafee – The Benevolent
  19. الحقّAl-Haqq – The True One
  20. المُبِينAl-Mubeen – The Clear and Manifest One
  21. الحَكِيمAl-Hakeem – The One Fully Wise or Al-Haakim, The All-Wise
  22. الحَلِيمAl-Haleem – The Forbearing
  23. الحَمِيدAl-Hameed – The One Who is Deservedly Praised
  24. الحَيّAl-Hayy – The Ever Living
  25. القَيُّومAl-Qayyoom – The Self Subsisting One Upon Whom Everything Depends
  26. الخَبِيرAl-Khabeer – The Fully Aware
  27. الخَالِقAl-Khaaliq – The Creator and Maker of Everything
  28. الخَلاّقAl-Khallaaq – The Creator Who Creates Again and Again
  29. الرَّؤُوفAr-Ra’oof – The Compassionate and Kind
  30. الرَّحْمَانAr-Rahmaan – The Extremely Merciful
  31. الرَّحِيمAr-Raheem – The Bestower of Mercy
  32. الرَّزَّاقAr-Razzaaq – The Great Provider
  33. الرَّقِيبAr-Raqeeb – The Ever Watchful Guardian
  34. السّلامAs-Salaam – The Impeccable One or the Flawless One
  35. السَّمِيعAs-Samee – The All Hearing
  36. الشَاكِرAsh-Shaakir – The Appreciative
  37. الشَّكُورAsh-Shakoor – The One Most Ready to Appreciate and Reward Abundantly
  38. الشَّهِيدAsh-Shaheed – The Witness
  39. الصَّمَدAs-Samad – The Perfect Lord and Master Upon Whom All of the Creation Depends
  40. العَالِمAl-‘Aalim – The All Knower of the Seen and the Unseen
  41. العَزِيزAl-‘Azeez – The All Mighty or the Invincible
  42. العَظِيمAl-‘Azeem – The Tremendous One or the Magnificent
  43. العَفُوّAl-‘Afuww – The One Who Pardons Again and Again
  44. العَلِيمAl-‘Aleem – The All Knowing
  45. العَلِيّAl-‘Aliyy – The Exalted
  46. الغَفَّارAl-Ghaffaar – The Oft-Forgiving
  47. الغَفُورAl-Ghafoor – The One Who Forgives Extensively
  48. الغَنِيّAl-Ghaniyy – The Independent One Who is Free of All Needs
  49. الفَتَّاحAl-Fattaah – The Judge and Opener Who Distinguishes the Truth from Falsehood
  50. القَادِرAl-Qaadir – The Fully Able One
  51. القَاهِرAl-Qaahir – The Invincible Subduer
  52. القُدُّوسAl-Quddoos – The Pure and Perfect
  53. القَدِيرAl-Qadeer – The All Powerful
  54. القَرِيبAl-Qareeb – The One Who is Near
  55. القَوِيّAl-Qawiyy – The One Perfect in Strength
  56. القَهَّارAl-Qahhaar – The Overwhelming Subduer Who is Never Overcome
  57. الكَبِيرAl-Kabeer – The Incomparably Great
  58. الكَرِيمAl-Kareem – The Bountiful, the Generous One Abundant in Good
  59. اللَّطِيفAl-Lateef – The Subtle and Kind
  60. المُؤمِنAl-Mu’min – The True and Trustworthy, the Granter of Security
  61. المُتَعَالِيAl-Muta’aalee – The Supreme and Exalted One
  62. المُتَكَبِّرAl-Mutakabbir – The One Supreme in Glory, the Justly and Rightfully Proud
  63. المَتِينAl-Mateen – The Strong
  64. المُجِيبAl-Mujeeb – The Responsive
  65. المَجِيدAl-Majeed – The One Perfect in Glory and Honour
  66. المُحِيطAl-Muheet – The All Encompassing
  67. المُصَوِّرAl-Musawwir – The Bestower of Forms
  68. المُقْتَدِرAl-Muqtadir – The Omnipotent
  69. المُقِيتAl-Muqeet – The All Powerful Maintainer
  70. المَلِكAl-Malik – The King
  71. المَلِيكAl-Maleek – The Omnipotent Sovereign
  72. المَولَىAl-Mawlaa – The Patron Lord or the Master and Supporter
  73. المُهَيْمِنAl-Muhaymin – The Trustworthy and Ever Watchful Witness
  74. النَّصِيرAn-Naseer – The Helper
  75. الوَاحِدAl-Waahid – The One and Only
  76. الوَارِثAl-Waarith – The Inheritor
  77. الوَاسِعAl-Waasi – The Vast One
  78. الوَدُودAl-Wadood – The Loving One and the Beloved One
  79. الوَكِيلAl-Wakeel – The Trustworthy Disposer of Affairs
  80. الوَلِيّAl-Waliyy – The Guardian Lord
  81. الوَهَّابAl-Wahhaab – The Bestower
  82. الجَمِيلAl-Jameel – The Beautiful One
  83. الجَوَادAl-Jawaad – The Munificent
  84. الحَكَمAl-Hakam – The Judge
  85. الحَيِّيAl-Hayyiyy – The One who possesses honourable shame
  86. الرَّبّAr-Rabb – The Lord and Nurturer
  87. الرَّفِيقAr-Rafeeq – The Gentle
  88. السُّبُّوحAs-Subbooh – The Venerated and Perfect
  89. السَّيِّدAs-Sayyid – The Lord and Master
  90. الشَّافِيAsh-Shaafee – The One Who Cures
  91. الطَّيِّبAt-Tayyib – The Pure One
  92. القابِضAl-Qaabid – The Withholder
  93. البَاسِطAl-Baasit – The Granter of Ample Provision
  94. المُقَدِّمAl-Muqaddim – The One Who Gives Precedence
  95. المُؤَخِّرAl-Mu’akhkhir – The One Who Puts Back
  96. المُحْسِنAl-Muhsin – The One Who Acts in a Good and Fine Manner
  97. المُعْطِيAl-Mu’tee – The Giver
  98. المَنَّانAl-Mannaan – The Beneficent Bestower of Bounties
  99. الوِتْرAl-Witr – The One

WORKSHEET: Download the sheets from the link above… There are three PDF files, download them and print them. The Worksheets are to make it interactive, fun and easier to learn, it is not madatory for everyone to do it.

Please remember Sis Metinee Adam who volunteered to make these Worksheets for the course. JazakAllah Khair!

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  1. Do not have to memorize all the Names and meanings Arabic – Any one of them is enough In Sha Allah!
  2. There will be a choice for the children to write either any 25 names of Allah or Match the following where Names and meanings will be given.