Class 10- Faith – Pillars of Imaan

Class 10
‘Faith – Pillars of Imaan’

Pillars of Imaan

Imaan means to have firm belief in Allah, his Angels, his Books, his Messengers, the Last Day and in Al Qadr it’s good and bad.

a) To believe in Allah

This means believing that Allah is the true and only God; that he deserves to be worshipped alone, without partner. Also we believe in all of His Qualities which He described Himself with.

He (S.W.T.) says He Sees, so we believe that He sees; however not like our seeing. Our seeing is weak and Allah’s seeing is perfect.

Allah says about Himself that He arose above His ‘Arsh above the seven skies. So we believe that Allah is not on earth and that He is not in anyone or anything.

Allah (S.W.T.) says that He does not have sons or daughters. He does not need children. So we believe that He has taken no son. So whoever says that someone is the son or daughter of Allah then he is a liar and disbeliever.

Because Allah (S.W.T.) says about himself “Nothing is like Him”

So we believe in ALL of his Names and ALL that which He described Himself with; and we believe that there is nothing like Him in all of that.

This is the belief in Allah

b) To believe in the Angels

We believe that Allah created them from light, and they do not stop worshipping Allah. Some have wings, two, three, and more.

The greatest of the angels is Jibril Alayhi Salaam; whom Allah sent to all of the Messengers telling them the words of Allah and to call people to Islam. Jibril Alayhi Salaam brought down the words of Allah which is the Quran. He brought it down to Prophet Muhammed ﷺ  from Allah. The Prophet saw him (Jibril) having six hundred wings. There are many angels, each having a certain task to do which Allah (S.W.T.) gave them as assignments.

c) To Believe in the Books

Allah (S.W.T.) has sent books to Messengers from nations before and the last and final book, the Quran, to all mankind with the Messenger Muhammed (S.W.T.).

Allah has named some of these books and told us that people changed the words of Allah in them. From among them we know two books of Allah; the first one Allah gave to Musa Alayhi Salaam and named it the Torah and this was sent to the children of Israel (in Palestine) a long time ago. Some of the Children of Israel (Jews) changed the Torah and changed things that Allah did not tell them to change. No one is to change the words of Allah (S.W.T.). So the Torah after the changes they made in it is not acceptable by Allah anymore.

The same is with the book that was sent down to Prophet Isa Alayhi Salaam. Prophet Isa came after Musa Alayhi Salaam and he was sent to the Children of Israel (in Palestine). Also, changes were made in that book which is called the Injeel (Gospel), and it’s not acceptable by Allah any more. They added to it that Isa is the son of Allah. This is untrue.

Because these books contain falsehood mixed with truth, they are not acceptable as they were in the beginning when Jibril sent them to Prophet Musa and Isa Alayhemus Salaam.

Allah (S.W.T.) sent down the Qur’an, the last and final book. So, it cancelled all these books before and made us know some of the changes that were done to the books before. And Allah protected the Qur’an.

Mankind is called to follow the Qur’an alone because the deen (religion) that is accepted by Allah is Islam.

Now we know why Christianity and Judaism are not accepted by Allah. The Christians and the Jews are called to believe in Allah truly and stay away from Shirk. Also, to accept Muhammed ﷺ and believe in him as the last messenger. If they do then they will become Muslims. Also, everyone is called to do the same.

d) To believe in the Messengers

We believe in those whom we know of their names which Allah has told us of and as well as those whom we do not know of their names.

Allah (S.W.T.) has told us some of their names and stories in the Qur’an; how they called people to Tawheed and their people rejected them and harmed them; but they were patient. Our Messenger ﷺ is the last messenger and final Prophet to ALL mankind.

From the greatest Messengers are Nuh alayhi salaam, Ibraheem Alayhi Salaam, Musa Alayhi salaam, Isa Alayhi Salaam and Muhammed Alayhi Salaam. They called for Tawheed, they were all Muslims; and the best of the Messengers is Muhammed ﷺ.

e) The belief of the Last Day

We believe that Allah will bring an end to this world; everyone will die. After that Allah will bring people from their graves and wherever they may be, and they will stand to know of what they did. Those who accepted Islam and followed the deen (religion) will end up in Paradise. As for those who died as kaafirs (non-believers) or mushriks who took partners with Allah and died on that; they will end up in Hell.

No injustice will be done to anyone because Allah is All-Just, Most Merciful.

f) To Believe in Al- Qadar: it’s good and bad

Al-Qadar means pre-decree. What does this mean?

Allah said that He created everything by a decree. This means He set for everything a measure; He recorded everything in a book. Such as, for example, this person will be created on this day and die on this day. Everything we do is written in the Mother of the Books (Ummul Kitaab), known also as The Preserved Tablet al-Lawhul Mahfoodh.

He knows everything even before creating it, He knows everything about it.

Allah (S.W.T.) knows what took place in the past and He knows what will take place in the future.

There is nothing hidden from Allah and there is nothing that takes place in this life, on earth or any place without the will of Allah.

We do not know what Allah has pre-decreed; it’s hidden from us.

Allah has made all the good known to us; and he has made all the evil known to us. The Muslim, therefore, should do good. The good is Islam.

WORKSHEET: Download the sheets from the link above… There are three PDF files, download them and print them. The Worksheets are to make it interactive, fun and easier to learn, it is not madatory for everyone to do it. Please remember Sis Metinee Adam who volunteered to make these Worksheets for the course. JazakAllah Khair!


  • Remember the 6 Pillars of Imaan
  • Remember the Great Prophets
  • Remember the names of the Books given to the Prophets before Quran