Class 13 – Quran – Ayat Al Kursi

Class 13
‘Quran – Ayat Al Kursi’

Ayat Al Kursi

اللَّهُ لاَ إِلَهَ إِلاَّ هُوَ الْحَيُّ الْقَيُّومُ لاَ تَأْخُذُهُ سِنَةٌ وَلاَ نَوْمٌ لَهُ مَا فِي السَّمَاوَاتِ وَمَا فِي الأَرْضِ مَنْ ذَا الَّذِي يَشْفَعُ عِنْدَهُ إِلاَّ بِإِذْنِهِ يَعْلَمُ مَا بَيْنَ أَيْدِيهِمْ وَمَا خَلْفَهُمْ وَلاَ يُحِيطُونَ بِشَيْءٍ مِنْ عِلْمِهِ إِلاَّ بِمَا شَاءَ وَسِعَ كُرْسِيُّهُ السَّمَاو ;َاتِ وَالأَرْضَ وَلاَ يَئُودُهُ حِفْظُهُمَا وَهُوَ الْعَلِيُّ الْعَظِيمُ

Ayat Al-Kursi, or the “verse of the Throne” is a famous and important verse of the Quran. It can be found at Surah/Chapter 2, verse 255. This verse is known for its profound meaning, rhythmic and sublime language (in the original Arabic), and its inspiring and comforting message. The name, Ayat Al-Kursi, means “the verse of the Throne,” based on Allah’s Throne (dominion) which is described in the latter part of the verse.


Pages upon pages of books have been written just on the meaning of Ayat Al-Kursi. In summary, Allah is described as being different from anything we know. Allah is not limited and does not depend on any other thing. The knowledge of Allah is incomparable to our own humble efforts.

The English translation of the meaning is:
Allah! There is no god but He, the Living, the Self-Subsisting, Supporter of all. No slumber can seize Him, nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is it that can intercede in His presence, except as He permits? He knows what appears to His creatures before, or after, or behind them. They shall not compass any of His knowledge except as He wills. His Throne/dominion extends over the heavens and the earth, and He feels no fatigue in guarding and presevering them. For He is the Most High, the Supreme in glory.


The Prophet Muhammad, ﷺ , once said that this is the most exalted verse of the Quran.
“The Messenger of Allaah ﷺ  said: “Whoever recites Aayat al-Kursiy immediately after each prescribed prayer, there will be nothing standing between him and his entering Paradise except death.” (narrated by al-Nasaa’i)

Times when it should be recited:

  • As mentioned in the hadeeth above, Muslims are encouraged to recite it after completing every one of their daily prayers.
  • The Prophet said that those who do so will be protected from the time of one prayer to the time of the next.
  • He also asked us to recite us to recite it before going to sleep.

Finally, the Prophet said that reciting Ayat Al-Kursi will protect you, your children, and your house.

WORKSHEET: Download the sheets from the link above… There are three PDF files, download them and print them. The Worksheets are to make it interactive, fun and easier to learn, it is not madatory for everyone to do it. Please remember Sis Metinee Adam who volunteered to make these Worksheets for the course. JazakAllah Khair!


Tips for Test:

  • Memorize Ayat al Kursi (not the translation but real Ayat)
  • Remember the times to recite it