The Day of Judgement

Having faith on the day of Judgment is part of the 6 Pillars of Imaan, but how much do we know of it? Why is the Day of Judgements mentioned in the Quran so many times?

The knowledge of the Day of Reckoning helps us prepare for it and helps us death and that we are to stand in from of Allah!

Join the course to learn about the Major & Minor Signs of the Hour and the Events that will take place on that Day.


Subhanallah this course revived me about the purpose of my life and reminded me again of accounting to all actions I make. My favorite part to which made me repent instantly of a sin which I took for granted was when I read that everything will open and all secret will be published out. And what scared me most is that even the person u are disobeying Allah for will not even be able to help u subhanallah. There and then I seek for Allah’s forgiveness And I pray Allah Accept it from me and us all and grant us and the organizers of this program the reward and the highest rank in Paradise Ameen.

This course has really brought me a change because I have been able to repent from my petty sins I took for granted. And has broadened my understanding of the deen.

Fauzia Ahmed Bari

Alhamdulillah i loved this course.

The wordings were like a person speaking in front of me,it was easy to understand. My favorite part was the intercession of my beloved prophet which made me cry. I also liked the imagining of the day.

May all of us get our book of deed in our right hand.

 Jazakallah khair for arranging such beautiful sessions. only after joining the course i realized there is so much that i have to prepare for that big day which increased my fear day by day.

Fathima Fazeela

I think everyone should join this course because it explains everything in such simple language and concise manner which is easy to understand and does not take a lot of time. And all the information is extremely important that everyone should know because it will definitely help us in shaping our lives according to how Allah SWT wants and succeed in both worlds in sha Allah. 

I have become more forgiving of others, i have  started doing more Dhikr, and whenever i come across a problem or when someone hurts me, i cannot help but think that this world is temporary and i should not grieve over it rather i should use this opportunity to pray more and get closer to Allah in Sha Allah

Sobia Noreen Shehryar

The whole course is an eyeopener. Now I have become more conscious of my deeds after the course

Importance of striving for the day of judgement… now my goal in life    

Changes I made in myself: –

Praying more consciously. Praying Tahajjud regularly. Charity and help. Anger management. Trying not to be arrogant and boastful

Dr Rabeena Tabassum